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Senior Classes and Open Lab

Classes run once a week and cover all aspects of technology. Each week a new subject will be discussed, including hands-on activities.  These are an ideal way to learn how technology impacts our lives, how to use it, how to control it and what the future holds.  Classes are very informal, easy paced and a fun way to learn and socialize. 

Open Lab time is available at various time during the week in 1.5 hour slots. This is a good time to hone skills or simply work on personal project. Technical support is available for free at all time.  Use of equipment is also available, some charges might apply for materials etc.

Technology Time

$20.00 in advance, $25.00 walk-in

Skill:                   0801

Age:                    Adult

Prerequisites:  none

Each week a new subject will be explained and tutorials given. This is a great way to learn about new technology in a gentle, easy to understand, friendly and social way. Each class lasts for 1.5 hours.


Subjects include:

  • Using Windows PC

  • Smartphones

  • Setting up email

  • Writing a letter and printing

  • Taking pictures, transferring to computer, editing, printing, emailing

  • Skype (video telephone) 

  • Social Media

  • Buying on the internet

  • Banking on the internet, paying bills

  • Scams, viruses, security

Hands On

$20.00 in advance, $25.00 walk-in

Skill:                   0802

Age:                    Senior

Prerequisites:  Basic PC skill's


These classes are aimed at those who wish to design and build something.  These are hands-on technical classes, great for model enthusiasts, builders or someone with intrigue. Classes run 1.5 hours.


Topics covered:

  • 3D printing

  • Programming

  • Basic electronics

  • 3D design techniques

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