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All students under 12 must be signed in and out by authorized guardian and not allowed to leave premises unless with guardian. A member of staff and robots will monitor activity within building.  Check in using live video stream of class in progress (when available).

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How secure is facility?

There is no parking at rear of building. Metered parking is available in surrounding areas, there is also an App for metered parking. Please note that there is an active Fire House opposite building, do not drop-off at front of building. There is plenty of safe space at rear of building.

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Parking and Drop-off?

Unfortunately due to limited class space, only students/attendees may enter the workshop/classroom area. Spectators are welcome to stay inside kitchen area or halls but there is no seating.  There are many local coffee/restaurants very close by.  We can text you when class is over and student ready for pick-up.

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Can I stay and watch?
Can I bring food and drink?

No food is allowed into the workshop/classroom area. Water is allowed in sealed container, no open cups. There is an eating area with fridge and microwave along with bathrooms.

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Each work-station has a PC and all required items needed for class or session. All scheduled work-shops provide learning literature, books, paper, pens, etc as needed to all attendees.

You can bring your project items, space is limited though.

What should I bring?

There is a formal application/registration form. This is basically contact information, any allergies, medical issue that we should be aware of, designated guardian(s). 

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Do I need to Register?
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