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Robot Club

Great way to build robots as a team, become a specialist in programming, mechanical design, assembly, electronics, operations, team manager, event coordinator and much more.  Enter competitions, build a SumuBot, come along and enjoy the fun of building robots with your fellow club members

3D Printing Club

Design and build 3D models of anything you want. Learn how 3D printers work, how to design 3D models, print and paint. If you are a gamer, this is ideal for you - build/design your own characters. Even build your own 3D printer, learn from experienced 3D'ers to get the most out of your prints.

Programming Club

Software is the mind of hardware, come an learn the latest programming techniques and tricks, design a game or write an App. Learn how computing used to be, Basic programming, Sinclair ZX80, have fun exploring all types of programming

and computing. Make your own computer too.

Electronics Club

Design and build electronic circuits using the latest design tools. Assemble boards using our robotic assembly robot, reflow oven and assembly tools to build your own circuit boards.  Many exciting projects to build and learn new techniques in electronic design. Make friends in the programming club and control your design with software then hop over to the 3D club and have them design a print a box to put it in.

Amatuer Radio (HAM) Club

Get your license, build a radio and get on the air.  When mobile phone towers go down, who you gonna call - HAM!

Build a radio, learn how to design and build an antenna, enter an event - get your SQL on.  If you an experienced operator come on and share your knowledge and stories. Fix a broken radio, 3D print a knob, special item, antenna mount - anything needed.

Drone Club

Drones are here, learn how to build, program and fly one. Design your own model parts, realistic cockpits for that scale model or special parts for a model.  

Flight Sim Club

We have all dreamed about flying an airplane, well how about building a simulator.  Learn how to make a flight panel, wire the electronics, program and interface to MicroSoft (c) Flight Sim.  3D print the parts you need, add in some control boards and then learn how to set everything up.  

Form a Club

Do not see a club that meets your needs?  Send us a email and we'll post your club and help to make it a reality.

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