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Return Policy

​In general


We've all done it, ordered something and when we receive it, opened the box, kick the tires only to find it's not quiet what we wanted or expected or something was missing or broken.  That's no problem, really!  Read below to check what you can do to return your item(s). 


Can I return and get a refund?

  1. I purchased no more than 90 days ago

  2. I did not use or modify my item(s)

  3. I have all original parts, cables, instructions, box

If you said "yes"  to these questions then follow these steps.

  1. Put everything back in the box, tape up and place in well padded shipping box

  2. Email or call with your order number and request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number

  3. Once received, write RMA number on your packing box

  4. Ship box back to us

  5. After we receive and check your item(s) we will offer a full refund - yeah!


I purchased a kit

  1. I found parts were missing

  2. I accidentally broke a part

  3. I opened box, looked over instructions and decided kit not for me. I did not assemble or use any parts

Oops, sorry about that. Call or email what you need, we will review/talk and work to send you what you need or work on a refund.

  1. I tried to build it but it was too complicated

  2. ​Kit did not work after I completed it


If this is your experience then we are here to help.  Please email or call so we can try and help you get your kit up and running. Unfortunately , if you did try to make the kit we can not offer a refund but will work with you to the best of our ability.

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