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Sumo Bot's are HERE!

Check out these video's of SumoBots in action. So here is the plan,  we are starting up a SumoBot workshop which will be great for all ages, family, teams.  You can design, 3D print and build your very own SumoBot based on international rules book and then let the battles begin.  Let us know if your interested so we can put together all we need to get you up and fighting with your SUMOBOT!

SumoBot basics

Through some clever designing, building, electronics, programming - you have yourself a SumoBot

Mini Sumo Bots

We got this, come on down and start building!

Sumo Bot Finals compilation

These are expert builders, how cool is this!

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Sign up here so we can start to work on getting this exciting event to happen quickly.

If you can help out at events, that's great. If you want to form a team, that's great too!  What ever your interest is, sign up!

Thanks! Message sent.

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