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Professional Services

TecForEveryOne also offers professional services, grounded in over 35 years in technology industry from design concepts through to production.  A brief summary of services available:

  • Full electronic design house

    • Digital/analog design​, high voltage, power supplies, control

    • ASCI's, FPGA's

    • Embedded systems

    • PCB design and fabrication (thru/smd)

  • Software​

    • Embedded real-time systems​

    • Data acquisition, processing

    • Motor control

    • Graphics, communications

    • Microprocessor specialists, DSP

    • Android, Linux, PC

  • Fabrication​

    • Mechanical design​, prototyping

    • 3D printing

    • CNC fabrication

    • BOM preparation, drawings, specifications

Please call or email to discuss your next project, we offer competitive and flexible pricing. 


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