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BiPed T4E Robot

This is our latest robot - T4E

Walking, talking, dancing, sensing, AI robot.

All the sounds you hear are from T4E's builtin MP3 player and Iphone speaker. Thousands of different moves can be stored in internal SD card which means you can send your mates your special dance or movement and they can then play back on their T4E - cool!

Also, with T4E's builtin IR communication link, when 2 or more T4E's get together they talk and pass each other their cool moves. T4E has it's own form of AI and with Wifi it can cruise the Internet - uh uh !

Arduino based BUT custom control board that can operate up to 16 servo's. Built in SD card to store/recover moves, WiFi capable, Gyro stabilised, MP3 player with Iphone speaker (3 watts of boom boom boom), Ultra sonic ranger, IR inter-robot communications link, time-of-day clock for alarms, Oled display for cool messages and status, leds, feet, arms, head all move under your control, tri-colour LED nose for immediate status, wire-less charging through foot coil, each hand/gripper has detect feature - it knows what it is holding  and sophisticated real-time operating system - whew, some list of features!

One of the cool features is the ability for T4E to know what type of hand/gripper is plugged in. Thus, if you plug in a microphone hand T4E might start to sing and dance. If you plug in a book, T4E might start to read. You can plug something into each hand and there is a sensor on T4E's head and body. This is great for kids to create their own story and have T4E play along. Dress T4E up in cloths and see what happens!

T4E will be available shortly in multiple formats: kits, parts, pre-built, boards, software, libraries, STL files etc all under General License non commercial license.  Stay tuned or email for latest updates and time lines.  Check out store page for pre-ordering.

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