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Pop-Up Workshops

Pop-Up's are a cool way to learn about a technology and you get to vote on which subjects or request one!

Simply click the           button and your vote will be counted.  Every month the totals will be counted and the most popular subject will be Workshopped.   Depending on subject, it may take several classes to cover the material. However, be assured these workshops will be very informative, rich with many live demo's, parts, examples, hands-on and lot's of questions, discussions.

Microprocessor Internals.


How does a microprocessor actually work, how are instructions processed, input/output architecture, interrupts, timers, DMA, architecture (Harvard/Von Neumann/RISC/X86). Machine code, Assembly, High-Level languages, compilers, interpreter's, 

Motor Control.


How to control a DC motor. Stepper, DC, brushless, types of driving circuits, fail-safe, current limiting, closed/open loop, encoder's, PID, tuning, movement profiles,  interface (step/dir/quadrature).  Real live demo's of techniques, hardware and software.

TCP/IP Internals.


What is it, complete structure analysis, Transport layer, application layer, network layer, ARP.  How to configure - windows management.  Write software to send/receive packets, sniff packets.

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