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This for DEPOSIT and Pre-Order of our latest robot.   Please view videos under Home/News/BiPed on this site.


Price details:


  1. $75.00 deposit (see additional info section)
  2. Delivery September 2018
  3. Completed unit, assembled $275.00
  4. Complete Kit $190.00
  5. Check out store for other options when they become available


There will also be colour options/schemes available shortly.


T4E BiPed Robot

  • This is deposit and pre-order only. Deposit 100% refundable is cancelled 10 days prior to shipping - you will receive email confirming shipment. 


    If you cancel less than 10 days prior to shipment there will be a 25% restocking fee.

  • Some of the features:


    1. 7 degree of freedom (DOF)
    2. Arduino based, custom control board
    3. Built in SD card for massive storage of moves and AI data
    4. Time-of-day clock for alarms and AI functions
    5. Built in MP3 player with 3 watt Iphone speaker
    6. Wifi enabled
    7. InfraRed (IR) inter-robot communications link
    8. Oled display built in
    9. Gyro/Accelerometer built in
    10. Tri-colour LED nose
    11. Hand/Gripper auto detect functions
    12. Head/Body auto detect of accessories
    13. LiPo battery charging circuit
    14. Wireless charging optional
    15. 7.2 Volt LiPo battery included
    16. Built in camera/video support
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