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From social media like Facebook and Twitter to texting, instant messaging, and more, today's students are virtually light-years ahead of their teachers, and that causes many problems when teachers try to both engage their students in the material and stay ahead of their ability to learn.

To bridge the gap, teachers need professional development opportunities (or even requirements) that would teach them to effectively integrate technology into their lesson plans. 

"Mind the Gap" - bridge the Teacher Student technology gap. Sign up today!
Put theory into practice right here, right now - book a class today
Recognize any of these faces? Well, they all have one thing in common - they hold one or more Patents.
Why is that important you ask?  Well, Intellectual Property (IP) rights is the legal backbone of securing the fruits of your intellectual creativity. IP Law covers:
  1. Patents protect inventions of tangible things.
  2. Copyrights protect various forms of written and artistic expression.
  3. Trademarks protect a name or symbol that identifies the source of goods or services.
From an initial idea, design,  prototype, submitting a Patent, let us help you with your journey.
Stem Classes

The coming robotics talent crunch. By 2020, robotics growth will accelerate the talent race, leaving 35 percent of robotics-related jobs vacant, while the average salary increases by at least 60 percent.

Start learning how to design, build, program your own robot today. Many classes available for all levels to grow your knowledge and confidence.  School Robotic Clubs welcome too, use our facilities to help build your project and help with your technical questions.

Home Schoolers we welcome you. Book lab-time and hold your class here!

Wanted: Robot Engineers

Patent your idea
Build something awesome

There is something in this draw for every inventor. Making something incredible out of parts is what we are about. Come on and open your draw to something amazing!

Robot classes

Career change,  need a new skill?

Check out our career skill builder suite of classes. Sign-up for ones you need, learn at your pace, we can fit your schedule. Tell us what you want/need to learn and we'll put together a custom  package for you.  It's not too late, call or email us to find out more.

We provide a rapid, structured learning process that will give students the confidence and enthusiasm to learn new skills to create something incredible!  Each class has twelve (12) workstations supplied with all required tools, equipment and parts. Classes are full hands-on and lots of fun!

Workshop's cover a specific topic or a complete design project. Building knowledge and confidence, workshop's are a great way to learn skills necessary to go onto more advanced topics . Students can further use Open-Lab time to invent, design and create their own projects.  We also offer Camps (Elementary/Junior grades) where students are immersed in technology, fun activities and friendships.

We gently encourage self confidence, creativity, mindfulness in a safe, secure environment.  We also have team design competitions (families welcome too) and Clubs are very welcome.

Another exciting learning experience is our Lecture Series. Here we offer an insight into new and old technologies from things we use daily to the future.

Another exciting innovation is Pop-Up workshops. We post a list of subjects, you get to vote on which one you would attend.

Inventors  we have all you need to help you make your idea a reality.

All ages are welcome, Elementary, Junior, High-School, Home School, Special Needs, Adult,  Senior and Private classes. Clubs such as Boy/Girl Scouts can book group activity. Jump on board the technology train.

Workshop's run four (4) to eight (8) weeks, each class is 1.0/2.0 hour long, once per week. Workshops are design with a particular project in mind; building a robot, 3D printing, programming, electronics and many topics.  Everything is included in price, see specific workshop for details.

Camps run for five (5) days,  daily 9:30am - 1:30 pm. These are a total immersion into technology, students will learn Robotics, Programming, 3D design, 3D printing and more.  Everything is included, see specific Camp for details. 

Open-Lab are 1.5 hour blocks. It is a good time for students to put learned skills into action and work on their own project/design.  Students can also obtain further skill sets using our self-paced tutorials. Technical support is available and free.

Clubs are a great way to create as a group. We have several Club's but start your own. Maybe enter a competition,  great for school's, Scouts, home schooler's etc.

Inventors start your engine! Use our facilities to help create your inventions. When you are ready we can help Patent and introduce to industry.

Lecture series are an excellent way to learn how our daily lives are changed by technology and what holds for the future.

Pop-Up workshop's are about technology you want to learn about. Based on popular vote, subjects will be workshopped in detail - what's on  your mind?

We offer flexible payment plans; pay per class, per week, per month, in advance or pay at the door. Please check out our discount plans, special offers and scholarships. 


Lab area has 12 spaces, each equipped with a workstation loaded with software tools and large data base of design projects.  Fabrication area is limited to staff and students who are qualified to safely operate the various  pieces of equipment. Use of equipment (3D printers, etc) is charged on a material/time basis. Ask for latest rates.


A sample of our available equipment:

  • Large array of 3D printers

  • Digital oscilloscopes (build one)

  • Logic analyzers, multi meters

  • Lab tools (make your own)

  • PCB layout CAD (design your board)

  • Robot Pick & Place board assembly

  • Re-flow oven, soldering equipment

  • Laser cutting, mini lath 

  • Desktop CNC, large scale also 

  • Photo quality large format printers

  • Development/evaluation kits

  • Real-time embedded development

  • Raspberry PI, BeagleBone, Linux

  • Arduino, Microchip, Intel, TI, other

  • Robot development

  • Components, kits, parts for any project

  • Extensive technical book collection

  • Lot's of old computers, gadgets, stuff!

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